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Hardwood Flooring Services in Westchester County

Hardwood floors by MBN Waterproofing are durable, beautiful, and fully warrantied.

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Commercial Traffic Coating Service

Traffic coatings for parking lots, parking garages, hallways, and heavy traffic walkways.

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Residential Traffic Coating Services

Traffic coatings for driveways, garage floors, entryways, and patios.

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MBN Waterproofing specializes in commercial and residential epoxy and urethane floor systems. With over 20 years experience in the construction industry working with a large company which specialized in roofing, waterproofing, and traffic coating systems, I decided that the construction market has evolved over the last few years to favor the smaller contractor whom has the large scale company technology and understanding of the systems they are installing. Our choice in specializing in floor systems was because of the competition. Industrial and commercial traffic coatings have been applied for so many years but in recent years the technology has changed to better suit a more decorative market as well. With the options available today, we felt the market is in its infancy stage, specifically in the decorative market. MBN Waterproofing would like to bring this to the architects specifying the products for office building floor systems, retail space, home floor systems, restaurants, malls, medical, churches, stadiums, banks, theaters, hotels, fire houses, museums, and many more.

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Westchester County Traffic Coating Services

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