About Us

Marc Nieto‚Ä®

President / Founder

I have spent the last 22 years working for one of the largest contractors in Westchester and Fairfield county running multiple large and small scale commercial and residential projects always keeping the highest level of quality. I have worked with some of the most knowledgeable consultants and engineers who trusted that my teams would perform the projects to their specifications.

As I am structured as a small contractor I have the ability to perform large scale projects as well and being an owner operator my customers get the attention to detail on every project that they are looking for in a high quality installer. Specializing in one classification of products gives me the opportunity to know the ins and outs of my trade.

My education was in the Architectural field but as I went right to the family business right out of college I did not pursue my license. I went to Wentworth Institute of technology where I received a degree in construction design.

My decision to break away from the construction giant and start what I would call a boutique version of the giant and offer the same service at a more economical rate came as a tough decision as the giant is a family business, but to compete in today’s economy means reducing overhead and specializing in a few products to streamline what I can offer my customers.

Focusing on waterproofing and traffic coatings allows me to bring you the best possible service and installation around. Working with all major manufacturers and products.

Hire an experienced Westchester County waterproofing contractor with a proven track record.

Hire MBN Waterproofing.

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