Residential Floor Epoxy System – Beauty that lasts

Residential Floor Epoxy SystemLet’s talk about your garage. If you’re like many homeowners, you spend a lot of time in your garage. Whether it’s because you’re working on your BMW, motorcycle, or you’re practicing with your band members, your garage is certainly one of those areas you love to occupy.

But all too often, your garage, and specifically its floor, is neglected without much thought. After all, you probably get your living room carpet cleaned or repaired ASAP when spills happen or the dog chews a large hole in the middle of it. Yet when the 1 ton floor jack is dropped on the garage floor and chips out a one inch diameter hole in the concrete, the response might be to just cover it with a rug or, even worse, fill it with fiberglass resin.

There is a better option.

Introducing MBN’s Residential Floor Epoxy System

Residential Floor Epoxy SystemKeeping your garage floor clean and free of grease stains, chips, and normal wear and tear is essential for safety, longevity, and home resell value.

One of the best things you can do for your garage floor is to give it loving treatment in the form of protection. Protection from the elements. Protection from petroleum based spills. Protection from chemical spills. Protection from the rigors of life.

MBN Waterproofing’s premium residential floor epoxy system is a 5 part process that does the following things:

  1. Cleaning and Preparation – preps the cleaned garage floor for superior adhesion and a uniform appearance. Cracks are filled and the surface is shot-blasted so that the surface is as flat as possible.
  2. Primer Epoxy Coat – the cleaned and prepped surface is then coated with epoxy primer. This ensures that the remaining coatings stay in place and does not flake off. This is a critical step and great care is exercised when it is applied.
  3. Colored Epoxy Coat – this coating is colored to match the vinyl flake that will be added next. This coat helps to enhance the final result and brings out the beauty of the color you choose. It also helps to protect the concrete underneath.
  4. Full Coverage Vinyl Flake – this is where the beauty comes from. The vinyl flake is the color you have chosen and is available in dozens and dozens of different colors to include metallic, base, and mixed/blended. Check out our color charts to see what is available.
  5. Propriety Clear Top-Coat – the final step in the process protects your investment. The clear coat allows the vibrant colors to shine through while protecting the color from scratches, chips, chemical and oil discoloration, and environmental wear.

Residential Floor Epoxy System

A residential floor epoxy system is long lasting and highly durable. Spills are super easy to clean up and maintenance is fast. The concrete below the coating will be protected should the floor suffer deep scratches or gouges. And epoxy floor repair is simple, fast, and inexpensive.

Call MBN Waterproofing today and ask about our residential floor epoxy system.

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Residential Epoxy Floor System

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